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YOUTH VOTE HUDDLE- March 15, 2024

Calling all high school students

who will be 18 years old on or by the
Federal and State Primary on
April 23rd 
or the General Election on November 5th!

This student-led huddle is open to 60- 70 students 
from Pittsburgh Public and from other high schools in the area.
The Youth Voting Huddle will be an exciting opportunity
for students by students to learn how voting and elections
work and how to organize a student drive.

Participation by all citizens, especially young people
through voting, builds a healthy democracy!
Please spread the word and this flyer!
Click on the flyer to REGISTER!

2024 FEDERAL & STATE ELECTIONS: Explainers and Infographics About the 2024 Federal & State General Election 

Early Voting with Mail-in Ballot

Busy on Election Day? See this!

Whole Ballot in 2024

Whole Ballot in 2024 Elections

Roles and Duties of Officials 2024

Who's running in the 2024 Federal & State Elections?

Closed Primary 2024

Learn how you can vote in the 2024 Primary.

Cynicism vs JQ Citizen

Frustrated by your 2024 choices?

Defending Democracy in 2024

Founding Principles

Power Power Part 1

Checks and Balances Part 2

Bill of Right

Peaceful Transfer of Power- iCivics

TOOLKIT for YOUNG VOTERS: Find templates for writing emails & letters to legislators, writing editorials, visiting legislators, and organizing postcard campaigns

Youth as Advocates Slide Deck

Emails to Legislators

Visiting Legislators

Postcard Campaign

Letter to the Editor

ELECTION INTEGRITY: Find the "Journey of an Official Election Ballot" Video and Explainers About Our Secure Elections

Journey of Election Ballot VIDEO

What Sources Do You Trust

One Voter-One Vote Digital

475- Fact Not Fiction

C70 Secure Elections

C70 Post-Election Playbook

Critical Thinking Graphic

Vetting a News Sources

Resources for Mis- Disinformation-LWV

INFORMATION LITERACY Social Media  graphics to help find the appropriate response to mis- and disinformation

Culture Wars

Strategies for Disinformation

Recognizing Disinformation

"Sticky" Disinformation

Spreaders' Motivations


Us vs Them

Beware the Bots

WHY VOTE: Reasons Why It Is So Important to Vote, including "Happy 18th Birthday" and "Claim Your Power" Posters


Why Vote Slide Deck

Cynicism vs JQ Citizen

18th Birthday Card PA

Claim Your Power- College-Uni

Claim Your Power-  Senior Citizens

VOTER REGISTRATION: Explainers, graphics, and downloadable PA Voter Registration Application, along with College Student's Explainer About Where to Register and How to Become a Poll Worker

PA Voter Reg Application


See more below.


Between elections, this application without the Mail-in ballot application will be in use.

Returning and Incarcerated Citizens

3 Choices for Students

Out-of-State Students Register

Eligibility for Incarcerated/Reentering

Reentering Citizens Voting Rights-FR

Incarcerated Citizens Voting Rights-BK

 GENERIC Poll Worker

POSTERS for STUDENTS: See above for "Happy 18th Birthday" and "Claim Your Power" posters. More Posters for High School and College-University Students Here

Magisterial District Judges

Quick Stats for Students

Understanding School Boards

HS Student Poll Worker

College- Uni Poll Worker

MAIL-IN and ABSENTEE BALLOTS: Explainers and Infographics about How to Apply For and Complete Mail-in and Absentee Ballots

Life and Times

No Excuse Mail-in APP

Instructions for Mail-in Ballot APP

Complete and Return Mail-in Ballot

Instruc Comp and Return Mail-in

New Voting Options- Digital

Annual Ballot Request

Annual Ballot Request-PA

No-Excuse Mail-in Ballot APP

PA Absentee Ballot APP

HOW to CHOOSE a CANDIDATE and YOUR POLLING PLACE: Explainers about How to Choose a Candidate, Knowing Your Voting Rights, Poll Watchers, and When to Ask for a Provisional Ballot

How to PICK a Candidate

Make a Plan to Vote

Know Your Rights 2023

Know Your Rights Printed

Election Protection Coalition Poster


Poll Workers and Poll Watchers

Poll Watcher Guidance

Detailed "Poll Watcher" Guidance from the PA DOS - One-Stop Shop for Voting and "Voters Guide" Candidate Information en Espanol --LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS' WEBSITE

LWVPGH VIDEO- Candidate Info- Slide Deck 

MODULES for INDEPENDENT LEARNING:  These modules with links to graphics and websites provide more in-depth information

Module- Why Vote

Module-Voter Registration

Module-Mail-in Voting



FIND INFORMATION about Voting and Government: Find Explainers and Infographics about Democracy, Balance of Power, Understanding Elections, and How to Contact Your Government Officials using "Facts for Citizens"
Understand Elections, Get Involved, and Contact Your Officials  
Understand PA State Government
Understand Federal Government
Resources for Civic Education
LEARN ABOUT the LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS: Walkthrough our Website, Understand "Program" and find our Membership Flyer